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Newborn in Italy suffocated after being crushed by mother: They blame hospital protocol



A woman gives birth to a son after 17 hours of labor in an Italian hospital. After giving birth, they, along with their father, repeatedly asked to take the baby to a nursery school so that the mother could rest, but were denied by the health authorities. Falling asleep inside, the newborn suffocated to death.

After an unfortunate incident in an Italian hospital, Mother accidentally kills newborn child after falling asleep after 17 hours of labor.

Basu’s father said officials didn’t want to take her away so her mother could rest. This situation is believed to be caused by a shortage of staff in medical institutions.

Newborn baby crushed to death in Italian hospital

On January 5, a woman and her husband arrived at the Sandro Pertini Hospital in Italy to give birth to their son, who was born after 17 hours of labor.

According to the father, local media Il Mesaggerothe baby was permanently in his mother’s arms, despite the fact that both nurses took him to the nursery and asked him to rest.

However, according to the father’s details, each request was denied by the authorities saying “No, we cannot.”

In the early hours of the 7th of the same month, the mother fell asleep. newborn son When he woke up a few hours later, this he was already dead And doctors tried to resuscitate him.

“She was very tired and the baby didn’t let her sleep so she didn’t sleep all night. But my son was fine and apparently healthy,” the grieving father explained.

They collect signatures to improve postpartum protocols

The hospital’s liability is under investigation. suffocated newborn due to understaffing, the agency defended itself and claimed its actions were in line with Covid protocols.

Meanwhile, after the fact, the ‘Mamachat’ association was able to gather over 100,000 signatures in 24 hours to update health protocols and avert such a tragedy.

In addition to condemning “obstetric violence,” Newborn death in Italy the petition also calls for “more control and support for families, especially during childbirth and the postpartum period, which can be exhausting, fragile and difficult to manage.”

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