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San Marino fined Facebook for exposing personal data



What will be the consequences?

These days, the Court of Appeal of San Marino, Republic under Mount Titáno, fined Meta, formerly Facebook, for the exposure of the personal data of San Marino residents, which became public after a hacker attack in 2019.

It is a precedent that could bring Facebook to its knees, but only if other countries follow one of the smallest countries in the world, he reported for Radio Slovenia Janko Petrovec.

As a result of cyber intrusions into Facebook’s system, allegedly before August 2019, the personal data of 533 million of its users from 106 countries, including almost 230,000 from Slovenia, became public.

It was about phone numbers, names, locations, email addresses and other data from users’ personal profiles. Facebook then announced that it had fixed the loophole in its system and that data leaks would no longer occur.

But the state authority for the protection of personal data in San Marino, which has a population of barely 33,000, imposed a fine of four million euros on the company, as the data of 12,700 San Marino residents also became public.

Facebook, which later changed its name to Meta, challenged the decision, but the appeals court of the oldest republic in the world on Wednesday finally confirmed the fine of four million. It is a precedent that has already been followed by the Privacy Protection Authority of the Republic of Ireland.

This imposed a fine of 265 million euros on the American giant, which Facebook appealed. San Marino Privacy Guard Umberto Rapetto he thinks it is a victory of David against Goliath. He adds that a fine of four million euros for Facebook is a pittance, but if similar fines were levied on it by other homelands of half a billion cyber victims, this company could be worth as much as 166 billion euros.

Source: Rtvslo

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