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OAS urges Peruvian government to expedite elections



The Organization of American States (OAS) adopted a resolution on Monday urging the Peruvian government to go ahead with general elections (presidential and parliamentary elections) because of the crisis the South American country is experiencing, and also warned of violence in Peru. . The executive branch suppresses protests.

Organization of American States (OAS) On Monday, he called on the Peruvian government to expedite general elections and expressed concern over the excessive use of force during protests against President Dina Volarte.

By resolutions adopted by all OAS Member States, except El Salvador, The commission called on Peru to “conduct expeditiously fair, free and transparent elections.”

The document was presented to the Organization’s plenary session by the Permanent Delegation of Colombia, with the support of Haiti, Honduras and Antigua and Barbuda.

countries of The OAS also expressed concern about the excessive use of force against protests in the country.

The document calls for the adoption of “effective measures” to hold accountable for “violent acts” that occurred in Peru. We also urge the Peruvian government to respect due process for those arrested during demonstrations.

Peruvian Foreign Minister Ana Cecilia Gervasi is scheduled to travel to Washington this Monday to meet with “high-ranking officials” of the US government and members of the US Congress.

Peru’s public prosecutor’s office said Saturday it was investigating the death of a protester in Lima as a murder charge in Peru. The context of “human rights violations” during protests.

The death toll brings the death toll to 65 since anti-government protests began last December, calling for the president to resign, the parliament to be shut down, early general elections and the convening of a constitutional assembly.

Bolarte took power in Peru on December 7 after Pedro Castillo’s failed coup attempt.

Demonstrations against the president began in the southern part of the country as soon as he took office and spread to most of the country after the first deaths from police crackdowns occurred.

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