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Putin Marks Eliminating Risk Of Attack On Russia From Ukraine As ‘Priority’



At the meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin cited avoiding possible Ukrainian bombing of Russian territory as a “priority” and said residents of the border areas had been living in “difficult” conditions for almost a year. guaranteed to be there. Year.

Putin led a conference focused on the recovery of those areas where “many” people were left homeless or without water and electricity. This situation has been repeated in Ukraine precisely because of the attacks by Russia. .

The president advocated remediation of these damages in areas such as Belgorod, Briansk and Kursk, but at the same time called for increased prevention. “Of course, eliminating the possibility of bombing is the top priority, but that is the responsibility of the Ministry of Defense,” he declared, according to the state news agency.

Both Putin and other senior Russian officials have justified last year’s attacks on their neighbor on the need to eliminate threats from its territory. thinking.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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