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US nuclear submarine docks in South Korean port amid tensions



A US nuclear submarine has arrived in South Korea for a scheduled visit, the US Navy has announced.

The 6,000-ton Los Angeles-class USS Springfield is part of a line of U.S. Army nuclear-powered attack submarines. Docked at the naval base in the South Korean port city of Busan on the 23rd. reported by the US 7th Fleet on social networks this weekend.

According to Washington, the submarine is typically deployed to Guam, where it regularly conducts coast guard operations and operates to “support national security interests.”

The US 7th Pacific Fleet has released a photo of a ship with the South Korean flag fluttering next to the US flag and the South Korean navy welcoming the ship.

The submarine’s visit to the south may be intended to act as a warning to North Korea after it launched three missiles a few days ago, due in March.

The Korean Peninsula has experienced historic levels of tension since 2022, with Pyongyang conducting a record number of weapons tests (about 50), allies again conducting major operations, Temporarily deployed US strategic assets in the South.

Source: Biobiochile

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