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New earthquake in Turkey kills 1, injures 69



A new magnitude 5.6 earthquake shook Turkey’s southeastern province of Malatya on Monday, leaving one person dead and 69 injured in the aftermath of a strong earthquake six days earlier, Turkish officials said.

The epicenter was about 10 kilometers south of Malatya, the capital of south-central Anatolia, and occurred at 09:05 GMT.

At least one person was killed and 69 injured in the quake, Yunus Sezer, president of Turkey’s emergency agency AFAD, said on television.

An hour and a half after the quake struck, rescuers rescued a person trapped under rubble.

As Education Minister Mahmut Ozer detailed, the rescue team initially saved five people from the debris of today’s earthquake, which destroyed 22 buildings and took 20 people to hospital.

The mayor of the city of Yesylurt, where the epicenter is located, told reporters that a father and daughter were trapped in rubble when they entered a house damaged by previous earthquakes to collect their belongings.

Malatya was badly damaged

Malatya was one of 11 provinces affected by the magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 earthquakes that struck southeastern Turkey and northern Syria three weeks ago, killing more than 43,000 people and damaging more than 170,000 buildings. was completely destroyed.

Malatya is one of the relatively moderately affected areas, with over 4,000 buildings either demolished or severely affected.

Since the day of the earthquake, about 2 million people have survived in tents and prefabricated shelters in areas where the quake continues, and in various reception facilities nationwide.

There have been numerous aftershocks in recent weeks, some exceeding magnitude 5, which are relatively common in Turkey and do not usually cause damage, but have caused damage to buildings already damaged by the first earthquake. Collapse poses a great danger.

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