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Zelensky appeals to Latin America and ‘non-aligned’ to further isolate Russia: he plans summit



Winning the support of “non-aligned” countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia to further isolate Russia is one of Kiev’s main priorities in the coming months, Ukrainian President Vodymir Zelensky said. Revealed a year after the Russian invasion. Country.

The most ambitious initiative announced by Zelensky is the organization of capital “that can bring together as many countries of the world as possible.” summit A war focused on principles recognized by the United Nations as national sovereignty and territorial integrity that Russia is violating in Ukraine.

Zelensky, with full Western support, will step up diplomatic efforts, and possibly military power, to withdraw Russian troops from his territory to countries with which he continues to maintain good relations with Russia. and Moscow And they were vague about which side they would take in the war.

sovereignty over imperialism

To achieve this, Zelensky adapted his speech.

By emphasizing the need to protect democracy and human rights, which are the priorities of Western governments, Ukraine It continues to emphasize two other principles at stake in this conflict, such as territorial integrity and sovereignty in the face of imperialist threats.

For historical reasons and political sensibilities, this discussion a priori focuses on Latin America, Africa, and Asia, three regions of the world that have experienced aggression by foreign powers and traumatic colonial experiences in past centuries. There is a high possibility that it will permeate among the leaders of

Lula as a potential ally

Zelenskiy is counting on Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva to advance this effort. He has invited the Ukrainian leader to visit Kiev and asks for his help in ensuring that Latin America has a “better understanding” of what is happening. in Ukraine.

Zelensky was able to cite both his position as the guarantor of Brazil’s democratic order in the face of the opposition’s coup d’état impulses and the anti-imperialist letter before Lula. Belongs to the President of Brazil. .

Lula has already expressed interest in mediating the war, but in Kiev he is starting from an unacceptable position. Prior to his re-election, Lula spread responsibility for Zelensky’s conflict with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

And more than an arbitrator, Zelensky is looking for allies to pressure Putin to comply with the UN Charter in the name of the people’s struggle against imperialism, which the Latin American left sympathizes more with the US than with Russia. . And withdraw your troops from Ukraine.

United Nations vote

But Ukraine has a good precedent. Brazil, Argentina, Colombia or Chile, often critical of the United States and its closest allies, voted in favor of Ukraine’s resolution on February 23 calling for the unconditional withdrawal of Russian troops.

Zelensky hopes to translate this vote, in which 141 out of 193 UN member states supported the Ukrainian initiative, into an equally broad summit explicitly supporting the principle of territorial integrity that Russia has violated. I’m here.

Chinese ambivalence

However, despite the impressive results, among the countries that abstained were two major powers such as China and India, and Zelensky directly appealed to Ukraine to express its defense of the UN Charter as well.

Zelensky welcomed the fact that China had applied as mediator in the dispute and indicated he was open to meeting with President Xi Jinping.

But according to US intelligence agencies, Beijing is considering supplying Russia with kamikaze drones, which could greatly bolster the Russian side.

Information and Embassy

Asked by the EFE news agency about Ukraine’s actions to improve Ukraine’s position in Latin America, Deputy Head of the Zelensky Presidential Administration, Igor Zhovkva, provided diplomatic contacts, the opening of a new embassy and chamber of commerce, and talk about more and better information.

“We must show that it was Russia that invaded Ukraine, not the other way around,” Zhovkva said of Ukraine’s prescriptions to counter Russian hegemony. Soviet Union, to which Ukraine was also a member.

Source: Biobiochile

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