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In Croatia, the A1 highway was opened in the direction of Split, but it remains closed in the direction of Zagreb



Problems also in Serbia and BiH

Croatia was hit by a snowstorm on Sunday and caused traffic chaos, leaving around 500 people stranded and taking shelter in reception centres. In the afternoon, they reopened the A1 highway in the direction of Split, but it remains closed in the opposite direction.

Croatia authorities they are all connections between Dalmatia and the interior of the country closed in Sunday afternoon. About 500 passengers stopped on the way, who they are take refuge in acceptable centers in GračacObrovac, Gospić and Knin.

Commander of the Croatian Civil Defense Damir Trut is for the Croatian branch of television N1 said that some will return today towards the locations from where they are come, or they will wait for the roads to open up they are intended to travel.

Trut however, he urged people not to go on the journey, and added that wind gusts of up to 160 kilometers per hour are expected on the coast.

Open the highway in in the direction of Split

Croatian Auto Club (HAC) meanwhile announced that they are opened the A1 highway from the Sveti Rok tunnel around 3 p.m in heading towards Split and released the convoy of the remaining ones vehicles. The highway will remain open for private vehicles only.

Competent services are now cleaning the highways in directions from the Sveti Rok tunnel towards the north of the country, where they are snow flurries up to three meters high, according to index.hr. When the road is cleared, the highway will also be opened in this direction.

Croatia authorities they are in the meantime, they also reopened the Adriatic highway. Passenger vehicles from the direction of Dalmatia can go inland Croatia they drive along the Adriatic highway to Senj, then along the national road Senj-Yellow A puddle and se in intersection Yellow A puddle connect to the A1 highway in in the direction of Zagreb.

Closed parts of the highway between Zagreb and Reka

The roads are closed across Gorski kotar and Liko. For passenger vehicles only they are the open part of the highway between Reka and Zagreb between the forks Kikovica and Delnice, Jadranska magistrala between Novi Vinodolski and Senje, the national road between Maslenica and Zaton Obrovacki and the Pag bridge, they are messages from the Croatian Federation auto club (Hack). The bridge to Krk is open for personal vehicles, but not for motorbikes and caravans.

For all traffic they are due to strong wind and snow, among other things, the section of the Zagreb–Split–Ploče highway between the Sveti Rok and Ownerspart of the Adriatic highway between Senj and Sveta Maria Magdalena and the Korenica-Lički road AspenGračac–Obrovac, Gračac–Gospić, Špilnik–Korenic and Gospić–Karlobag

Currently, no road from the interior to Rijeka or Istria and vice versa is open for trucks with trailers and tractors with semi-trailers, STA reports.

Increased interest in trains

The traffic chaos on Croatian roads has encouraged many travelers to they are tried to find other forms of transport. Index thus reports that they are trains in direction from Zagreb to Split almost completely sold out, at the main station in There was a big crowd in Zagreb.

People on the road despite the ban

Photo: TV Slovenija, screen capture

As correspondent Tanja Borčić Bernard reported for Radio Slovenia, they are you in On Sunday, some people, despite warnings about the road being closed, set off on a journey where the snow was not cleared at all. The worst was around the Sveti Rok tunnel. These people they are were rescued all night by members of the Croatian mountain rescue service, also in the morning by the Croatian mountain rescue service (HGSS) had to rescue 26 vehicles at the aforementioned tunnel. She posted a video of her breaking into vehicles on the social network Facebook.

On the field they are even today all available plows and other working machines.

For parts Croatia a red alert is in effect

The Croatian police are warning drivers not to travel towards Dalmatia. Even today, the gale will blow at a speed of up to 150 kilometers per hour, in It will continue to snow in Gorski Kotar and Lika. Croatian meteorologists they are therefore, for today, a red warning has been issued for Kvarner and Velebit, and an orange warning for the area around Rijeka, the western part of Istria and northern Dalmatia.

Maritime traffic will also continue to be disrupted. About a strong storm that felled trees and uncovered roofs, they are in reported from the Reka area on Sunday. The strongest gust of wind – 168 kilometers per hour – they are measured on the Krk bridge. As Croatian portals report, many catamarans and ferries do not run.

It’s snowing in also caused problems on Sunday in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the west of Serbia. Several cars were stuck on the roads, and thousands of people were left without electricity, the B92 portal reported. It is in the area of ​​Prijepolje in almost half a meter of snow fell in just a few hours.

Due to large snow deposits, which in it has been raining continuously for the last 24 hours in Sarajevo Canton, several trees fell in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: Rtvslo

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