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Warning of cut off Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Zaporizhia by Russian missile attack



The nuclear power plant has been completely cut off from the power grid after the Russian attack in recent hours, which could lead to a nuclear emergency with a global radiation impact, state company Energoatom has assured. .

of Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) in Ukraine, It was the largest in Europe and today, after the war, was completely isolated from the power grid. Russian attacks in the last hours, The state-owned company Energoatom assured on its Telegram channel that this could lead to an emergency with a radioactive impact on the whole world.

The world’s third-largest power station in southern Ukraine was captured by Russian forces after the invasion and has since been cut off from Ukrainian networks several times due to bombing raids in the area.defendant Moscow and Kyiv.

“The last connection between the occupied Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and the Ukrainian power system was cut by a missile attack by Russia at 03:53 (local time) on March 9,” said the Ukrainian state enterprise. warned. Occupied.

At the moment, the 6th post-occupation blackout mode is in effect, which means “the plant is disconnected from the network and the cold state mode is enabled on the 5th and 6th power supply units” of the plant. I’m here. he explained.

In addition, 18 diesel generators are in operation for approximately 10 days to meet the facility’s energy needs.

“If it is not possible to restart the supply of external energy to the factory, there will be an emergency during this period (10 days), which could have a radiation effect on the whole world,” the energy company said. .

Energoatom also reports: All Ukrainian nuclear power plants are reducing capacity due to the threat of missile attacks.

According to the company, “ZNPP is occupied and representatives of Rosatom (Russia’s state-owned nuclear power company) are interfering in its work, greatly limiting the chances of the Ukrainian side to keep the plant running safely. There is.

Energoatom stressed that the international community must do everything possible to “allow the occupying forces to withdraw from the ZNPP facilities and take full control of Ukraine.”

This is the only way to restore nuclear, radiological and physical security to the nuclear facility, he said.

Ukrainian officials say after weeks of relative calm away from the front, Russia last morning sanctioned 10 different regions of Ukraine, including the capital Kiev and two of the country’s major cities, Kharkov and Odessa. launched a new large-scale attack on…

The attack, in which Russia used dozens of cruise missiles launched from the Black Sea, targeted power infrastructure, although some hit residential areas.

Source: Biobiochile

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