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10 dead after massive Russian attack in Ukraine: missile hits residential area



After 10 of Russia’s 27 regions were attacked, President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned Russia’s “disgraceful tactics”. Air defenses claimed to have shot down 34 of the 81 missiles launched by Russia.

Russia We reopened this Thursday massive bombing Against Ukraine was the most critical for weeks, killing dozens and causing power outages in several states.

“The enemy has returned to its miserable tactics by firing 81 missiles to intimidate the Ukrainians,” he said. Volodymyr Zelensky The attack reached 10 of the country’s 27 regions, including Kiev, and particularly affected the energy infrastructure.

Burnt car in residential area of ​​Kiev
Vehicle burnt down in residential area of ​​Kiev |

“Last night, the enemy launched a massive missile strike against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure. We launched 81 missiles from different bases. Ukraine destroyed 34 cruise missiles,” the Supreme Commander said. rice field. Valerie Zardiny in a social media statement.

After several weeks of relative calm away from the front lines since the attacks before World War II, Russia launched a new major offensive at dawn.

For this they used cruise missiles launched from Black Sea and Belogrov Some of them affected residential areas but targeted electrical infrastructure.

targeted attack

In the Lviv region (western part), at least five people were killed in a “missile” firing in a residential area, according to the regional governor.

Meanwhile, in the city of Kherson (south), three people were killed in a bombing that hit a public transport station, the presidential chief executive said. Andriy Yermak.

Broken windows on balconies in a residential area of ​​Kiev
Broken window on balcony in residential area of ​​Kiev | Stock Foto Broken window on balcony in residential area of ​​Kiev EFE

The governor of Dnipro province (central-east) said a 34-year-old man had died and a woman and a young man were injured.

According to the mayor, in Kharkov (East) the whole city was left without electricity, running water and heating.There was no power supply to the nuclear power plant either. Zaporizhia the largest in Europe, was occupied for several months by Russian forces.

Vehicle damage in Kiev
Damage to a vehicle in Kiev | Photo Damage to a vehicle in Kiev EFE

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