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Isapres can increase plan prices in June: Know the maximum rebalancing rate



Today, the Health Supervisory Authority’s resolution was published in the Official Gazette. The resolution allows for an increase of up to 2.6%, and if the plan is increased, the insurer can notify the decision within his 15 calendar days. please do not.

Posted this Thursday official diary Resolution of Health Inspector Isapres could increase plan prices from June If so, what is the maximum possible increase?

“Look at the maximum percentage of 2.6%. What its health insurance agencies must consider when deciding to adjust the base price of health insurance,” established in a document by Victor Torres, the head of the chapter.

Along with that, the period given to them 15 calendar days from today to notify you of your decision to adjust The price of the plan and, if you choose it, the specific percentages that apply.

This is closely related to the Medical Cost Index (ICSA), which sets the maximum adjustment percentage that health insurance agencies must consider when adjusting plan prices.

This will occur within the framework of the June 2021 promulgation. Law 21,350regulated the procedure for changing the base price of health insurance.

Last year, the maximum increase was set at 7.6%, but Nueva Masvida wanted 7.8% and Consardo wanted 14.4%, but ICSA stopped this.

The increase in the previous process reflects a freeze in growth from the first two years of the pandemic, which marked its third anniversary a week ago.

Now, after notifying the Superintendent of their increases, Isapres must publish and disclose any increases that apply.

All of the above also comes at a time when the industry is going through a complicated moment due to Supreme Court rulings on factor tables.

That is why the government is enacting legislation to put patients at the center of the discussion and to strengthen Fonasa at the same time.

To comply with the Supreme Court resolution, the Ministry of Health (Minsal) Insurers need to return about US$1.4 billion to affiliates .

Source: Biobiochile

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