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Marcel repeats that tax reform “would have raised the resources to finance permanent spending.”



The Tax Reform Project was one of the administration’s most iconic projects, addressing significant changes to tax law, income tax, and other tax burdens. This is his one of the biggest defeats for the current administration of Gabriel Boric.

Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel During the day on Thursday, he commented on the government’s grievances. rejection to the idea of ​​enacting his draft Tax reform.

Recall that last Wednesday, the government experienced a serious setback in carrying out its plans in 2018. parliamentarians and parliamentarians.

Therefore, the proposal for tax reform legislation was rejected, There were only 73 in favor, 71 against, and 3 abstentions.

in a conversation with radio concert, The Finance Minister said, “When we talk about defeat, We have to think that the reform was not just a capricious idea of ​​the government. ”

“The reform had the purpose of procuring permanent resources to cover permanent costs.” Added by Mario Marcel.

“On the expenditure side, this tax reform funded the increase in the PGU to 250,000 pesos.” Commented on the former face of the central bank.

the above, “Continuing to reduce hospital waiting lists, increase resources for primary care, and research and development,” He added midway through the aforementioned media interview.

Denial of tax reform

Despite all this, “tax issues have not disappeared from the horizon and it is in our best interests that we finally have a clear horizon on tax issues,” he said.

“After yesterday’s vote, it is clear that the government alone cannot solve these problems. Moving forward requires the willingness of other sectors. ” Declared.

Remember, the government’s purpose was to bring tax reform to the fore to fund other structural reforms and expand social rights.

For example, the reform calls for increasing the amount of the Universal Guaranteed Pension (PGU) to $250,000 and expanding entitlements to nursery care for working parents. (Regardless of company size).

It also pushed those with more money to contribute more, reducing tax evasion and avoidance. “Each offers his counterpart”, explained to the government.

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