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Russia claims massive artillery strikes in retaliation for Ukrainian aggression



The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that it had attacked Ukrainian defense companies and other “military infrastructure” with various weapons, including the Kinzhar hypersonic missile.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the airstrikes that hit several parts of Ukraine today and killed more than a dozen people Retaliation He blames it on the recent Ukrainian aggression.

“In response to a terrorist act organized by the Kiev regime in the Briansk region on March 2, Russian forces launched a large-scale offensive in retaliation,” the general said in a daily report. Igor Konashenkov defense spokesperson.

at the time, Mihailo Podoljak the chief of staff of the Ukrainian president’s office denied Kiev’s involvement. Briansk Russia said two civilians were killed in the incident, which Ukraine hoaxed and targeted Moscow. “Deliberate provocation”.

Some media outlets, including The Washington Post, have pointed out that the so-called Russian militia, a group of enemy fighters in the Kremlin, would have claimed responsibility for the attack.

massive attack

Russia launched heavy artillery strikes against Ukraine again on Thursday. dozens died It’s causing power outages in several states.

“The enemy has returned to its miserable tactics by firing 81 missiles to intimidate the Ukrainians,” he said. Volodymyr Zelensky The attack reached 10 of the country’s 27 regions, including Kiev, and particularly affected the energy infrastructure.

After a few weeks of relative calm away from the front since the pre-War Day attacks, war There were only occasional missile strikes on civilians, but Russia launched a new major strike early in the morning.

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