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Nine state-owned enterprises have made commitments to increase women’s participation by 2023



This is one of the major agreements of the collaboration table implemented by state-owned enterprises and includes, among other measures, the creation of management protocols to optimize measures that contribute to gender equality.

For the purpose of creating agendas and developing joint projects, Since the beginning of this year, nine state-owned enterprises have formed a working group prioritizing four common management axes. Strengthening gender equality, environmental and sustainability considerations, jobs, quality and safety of life, investment and development.

Of these focuses, Gender equality defined as the first axis of work in 2023 after a survey and analysis of the current situation, goals and cross-cutting commitments on the issue were defined and achieved during International Women’s Month.

Among these targets, it is worth noting that the companies as a group have committed to increasing the participation of women in both operational and managerial positions by at least 2-5 percentage points between this year and next year. increase.

Furthermore, in order to be closely aligned with the continuous improvement of gender equality, it was decided to move towards certification of the NCh3262 standard by all the companies that make up this working group, as already mentioned. It took place at Codelco, Casa de Moneda and Zona Franca de Iquique.

Additionally, BancoEstado is working with trade unions to create a working group to refine the details and implement the aforementioned 3262 standard soon.

The workbench consists of BancoEstado, Metro de Santiago, Codelco, CorreosChile, Casa de Moneda, National Railway Company, Port of Valparaiso, Port of Iquique, Iquique Free Zone.

The main objective is to enable all public companies to gradually incorporate various regulatory systems and procedures. This allows us to develop and make measurable improvements in terms of gender and inclusion.

On the other hand, taking advantage of the work already developed by some of these companies, Protocols and care manuals for workplace harassment and sexual violence within state-owned enterprises need to be put in place which we will work with in-house teams and with the support of social organizations dedicated to this issue.

The signing of the commitment took place at BancoEstado’s headquarters and included the participation of various members of the board of directors and workers of the state-owned company. Among them are Marcela Munizaga, vice president of Metro, and her Alejandra, vice president of the port of Valparaiso, Georgina Febre. Participants include Wood Director of Codelco and Rosita Ackermann Director of Correos de Chile.

Source: Biobiochile

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