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More than 40 people were killed in two attacks in the DR Congo in the past two days



Islamic State claims that the ADF is its branch in Central Africa

More than 40 people were killed in two attacks in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the past two days, local officials said. The attacks were allegedly carried out by members of the rebel group Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

Group ADF, which the jihadist Islamic State claims to be its branch in the Central African region, is considered one of the most bloodthirsty armed militias in the eastern part of the DR Congo. It is being accused of the massacre of thousands of civilians, reports the French news agency AFP.

Members ADFOn Wednesday evening and early morning, mobs attacked the neighboring villages Mukondi and Mouse in the Beni area of ​​the Severni province Kivu. V To Mukondi 38 people were killed, in Mouse and eight, and the number of victims could rise, a local administrator told AFP Kalunga Meat. As he said, the attackers rounded up the people and executed them.

Organization Kivu Security Trackerwhich monitors and documents violence and human rights violations in eastern DR Congo, announced today that armed men in To Mukondi killed at least 30 people with a machete.

Deadly attacks were also reported from the west of the DR Congo. According to local authorities, 15 people were killed in them, AFP also reports.

The attackers attacked the villages at dawn on Wednesday Somakita and Kinsale In the area Kwamouth in the province of Mai-Ndombesaid local civil society leader Damien Bungo. V Somakites 15 people were killed, and around 200 people fled from there. Meanwhile, the attackers in to Kinsley burned several houses.

In the province of Mai-Ndombe in the past there were clashes between members of the Teke groups and Yak in connection with taxes and land, reports AFP, which also adds that the number of deaths from the aforementioned attacks in both parts of the country could not be independently verified.

Source: Rtvslo

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