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Applies to Chileans from 2024: UK requires electronic permit to enter



The UK government estimates that approvals will be issued in about three working days, but expects most approvals to be granted by then.

In October, the UK will begin requiring visitors from Qatar to obtain an e-permit before traveling.

This is a condition that will be extended to all countries that do not require a visa to enter in 2024. European Union (EU), the government said today.

of electronic travel authorization (ETA) is required for tourism, business visits, and students staying less than 6 months.

In the Brexit negotiations, London and Brussels made certain arrangements to facilitate business and other business travel.

Nevertheless, they did not exclude citizens from both sides of the English Channel from needing an electronic entry permit.

In 2024, the EU will also European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS).

This means British citizens and tourists from visa-exempt countries will have to pay €7 for an advance entry permit valid for three years.

Electronic authorization to enter the UK

The UK government has yet to announce the cost of electronic authorizations that are valid for two years after approval and serve multiple entries.

As of 25 October, Qataris must apply for this permit before traveling.

This requirement also applies to citizens of Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates As of February 2024.

Over the next year, the rest of the world will be added to the programme, which do not require a visa to visit the UK.

This is a group that includes Spain and other EU countries, as well as Latin American countries such as: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay.

On the other hand, Europeans residing in the country before Brexit and with the following status: “Eternal Settlement” In the UK, I am also not a legal resident of the Republic of Ireland.

“better system”

The system will “improve security at the border by providing more information about people trying to enter the UK”.

Also allow “preventing the arrival of menacing persons”, The Secretary of State for Immigration said in a statement: Robert Jenrick.

To apply for a permit, you must submit your photo via a website or application so that authorities can record your biometric data and answer some questions about your reason for travel.

London does not plan to incorporate exceptions to facilitate unplanned business travel in the absence of a valid electronic authorization.

Source: Biobiochile

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