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“They are to blame. They deny the solution”: Minsal responds, isapres starts a new round.



“From 2020 to date, isapres has reported an operating profit of US$12,248,910,129,” Minsal and the regulator said in a joint statement.

Two days ago, through an official statement, the Isapres Association categorically rejected the government’s proposal to follow the factor table.

Specifically, the agency said what was proposed by executives would be “the tombstone of the sector,” based on the insurer’s decision to pay the full amount of excess charges.

“It lacks financial viability and creates unreasonable expectations of alleged ‘improper prosecution,'” they argued.

In the same context, now the government, through the Ministry of Health (Minsal) and health inspectors, has disseminated a public response to Isapress.

As in previous cases, in the officials’ opinion, ISAPRES is “responsible for the current scenario they are facing” and will ensure that the government “complies with the Supreme Court’s order of the formula they used.” accusation of unconstitutionality”.

In a joint statement, Minsal and the regulator noted that “from 2020 to date, isapres has reported an operating profit of US$12,248,910,129.”

They added again that they believed the agency “refused to be part of the solution” to a problem “that they themselves created.”

Therefore, they say isapres will not “protect access to health care for the more than three million people belonging to the private health system by voluntarily withdrawing from the table of work required by health authorities.” Arbitrated.

The government called on isapres to “put stakeholders at the heart of solutions and give certainty to the public.” And in a published text, they “invited” them to participate “in a constructive way to bring about positive outcomes for people and the health system.”

Source: Biobiochile

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