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2000km range: this is how the latest Russian hypersonic missile will be used to hit Ukraine



Russia stepped up its military operations on Thursday, striking various Ukrainian points that killed 10 people. Among the weapons used is the Kinzhal hypersonic missile, which is considered the next generation of this type of weapon.

during this day Russia carried out a large-scale bombardment at Ukraine , the most important in a few weeks. The atomic bomb has killed 10 people so far, along with blackouts across the country.

As explained by Moscow, this military invasion was an act of retaliation. “March 2, a terrorist act organized by the Kiev regime in the Briansk region”.

As collected by German institutions Deutsche WelleRussian Defense Ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov confirmed that Moscow used the weapon “Long distance accuracy” Launched from the air, it destroyed military installations and civilian power grids.

modern hypersonic missile

From Russia they launched 81 missiles at strategic points in Ukraine. Kinjal also known as Kinzhal.

According to the aforementioned medium, it is an advanced projectile, the main characteristics of which are hypersonic This is because it can reach ten times the speed of sound.

A Russian MiG-31K fighter launches a Kinzhal missile during a military exercise
File | Russian MiG-31K fighter launches Kinzhal missiles during military exercise | Deutsche Welle

in the range above two thousand kilometers can carry not only normal payloads, but also nuclear warheads.

The same missile that Vladimir Putin claimed to have used in March 2022, shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine. Until then, Russia had not announced the use of this missile in the conflicts it was involved in.

“Long range air, sea and land precision weapons, Kinzhal hypersonic missile system attacked key elements of Ukrainian military infrastructure, enterprises of the military-industrial complex, energy installations that supply energy, ”said General Konashenkov.

Russian hypersonic missile test
Archives | Russian hypersonic missile tests in February 2022 | Deutsche Welle

according to the slogan infobaythese missiles were unveiled by Putin in a fiery speech in 2018, assuring them they could reach almost anywhere on Earth.

8 meters long and weighing 0.5 tons, fighter but also Bombardier The speed it can reach can change its trajectory and deviate if necessary, making the missile difficult to intercept.

Russian technicians check MiG-31K fighter jets with Kinzhal missiles
Russian technicians check MiG-31K fighter jets with Kinzhal missiles.Deutsche Welle

Ukraine calls for special court to try Russia

Last Thursday, Ukraine requested the creation of a special court of international scope before the Human Rights Council. Russia on their territory.

Instead, they want Kiev to prosecute those responsible for deporting Ukrainian children for adoption into Russian families, obliterating their national identity.

Emine Japarova the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, referred to the council through a video call. “Russia committed 70,000 crimes against humanity in Ukraine.”

“Tell me how many more mass graves must be discovered before Ukrainian territory is completely liberated,” he pointed out, according to the EFE news agency.

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