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Conapyme and tax reform rejection: ‘Tax rules must be very clear’



After the idea of ​​enacting tax reform was rejected in the House of Representatives, Conapyme’s vice president noted how this would affect small businesses and talks with the government ahead of a vote in Congress.

Vice Chairman of National Small and Medium Business Federation (Konapime)Hector Sandoval mentioned the future of the organization after yesterday Rejected the idea of ​​legislating tax reform.

“I believe this is an opportunity for us to discuss and reform the tax system in accordance with the actual situation of the country, and of course the actual situation of small and medium-sized enterprises. If it does, it will be on the agenda again in the Senate and we will be able to make much-needed tax reform,” Sandoval said in a conversation with La Radio’s Podolía Ser Peor programme.

Therefore, he also said, “SMEs have not benefited from the reforms, but they have been affected because all taxes go to all Chileans and SMEs are going through a complicated moment.” explained.

“So it was a way of dealing with the real situation and being able to reach a formally agreed reform. , much of what we saw in the legislative texts and bills had little to do with their proposals.”

tax reform

When asked what he would have liked to hear more about, Sandoval said, “This tax reform talks about taxing the wealthiest people more without affecting small businesses, but it’s very complicated. A tax system (…) that ultimately confuses all of this and small businesses will want to consider what the IRS sends as proposals (…) We do not have professional tax or legal services.”

“Tax laws must be very clear and not interpretive. , when SMEs say they have a SME regime, SMEs should be part of it. But if you have income, don’t start looking if you have relatives (…), ”he added Conapyme’s vice president.

In this line, Sandoval said one thing to watch out for is that “rules made for others don’t affect small businesses.” Also, since it is a project, there is an impact.

On the other hand, he said, “Yes, there has been a lot of dialogue, a lot of working groups, but in the end what was part of the current government’s program is being implemented. It is not a dialogue to justify the decisions made.”

When asked if he preferred this scenario or if he liked the voting scenario that favored the idea of ​​debating, Sandoval said he preferred this scenario, “Because we can have a serious discussion.”

“We want to sit at the table, we want to move forward. But I can assure you that if this hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have talked about doing something fairer (…) that we are not the youngest to pay the bills’, The vice president of Conapyme was sentenced.

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Source: Biobiochile

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