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Former Trump Lawyer Sanctioned After Admitting Voter Fraud Theory Was False



Lawyer Jenna Ellis in the background.  / European Press.

Lawyer Jenna Ellis in the background. / European Press.

Jenna Ellis, one of the members of former President Donald Trump’s legal team led by Rudy Giuliani, faces disciplinary court after admitting to violating professional ethics by spreading fraud theories during the 2020 presidential election. was sanctioned by

In disciplinary court in Coralado, Ellis admitted in writing that some of the comments he made on social media and in the media at the time violated rules of professional ethics and therefore were “misrepresentation.”

One of these statements that the ruling echoed was the one provided to the television show, which included sworn statements from voters who were intimidated and evidence of tampered ballots, which would invalidate the ballots or Assured it could be transferred to Joe Biden.

Despite having to pay a $224 fine, Ellis was able to practice as a lawyer, credited to her, attorney Michael Merritt. “good reputation”trying to justify what happened because of the “very hot political climate” experienced during those months, reports CNN.

The ruling by disciplinary judge Bryon M. Large was part of an agreement reached by Ellis himself and Jessica Yates, attorney-regulation attorney for the Colorado Superior Court, under which the attorneys, even if they engaged in political discourse, , said that it is subject to “the line they can do”. t cross”.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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