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Plaza Ñuñoa and Bellavista will be RM’s first commercial districts.



More than 3,500 businesses from the metropolitan area’s nine shopping districts (including Plaza Ñuñoa and Bellavista) have applied for the Create your district co. call, a new regional management model to promote urban commerce.

Plaza Nuñoa and Bellavista It will be the first commercial area where new models of self-management of public spaces will be tested. Regional trade and sustainable economic development in the metropolitan area.

headed by Chamber of Commerce, Tourism and Entrepreneurship of Ñuñoa, The regions selected to make up these districts are supported by a team of experts.

The above is for the development of action plans that enable them to self-manage their environment and lead initiatives aimed at: Enhance your business potential.

“Plaza Ñuñoa and Bellavista have more than 1,000 companies. Their active participation in environmental self-management allows them to complement their efforts and resources to facilitate trade,” he said. the governor emphasized. Claudio Orego.

The commercial and territorial identity of the area was part of the criteria for choosing Plaza Nuñoa and Bellavista as the most likely districts.

Plaza Nuñoa and Bellavista as commercial areas

Plaza Ñuñoa is home to many restaurants, bars and cafeterias and has established itself as the gastronomic epicenter of the city.

The place also has a town hall, a school and a church that give it a certain neighborhood identity. Meanwhile, tenants are betting on this new model to boost their trade.

Meanwhile, between the Mapocho River and the foothills of San Cristobal Hill lies a prominent tourist, urban and artistic cultural identity.

The district of Bellavista highlights the contribution of this initiative to promote the development of the sector in the communes of Recoleta and Providencia.

To access the results of the selection process and learn more, please visit our website. www.distrito-co.cl

Source: Biobiochile

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