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Mexican cartels extradite members who accidentally killed two Americans: They apologized



The same Mexican authorities revealed last Tuesday that the kidnapping of four Americans in the northern state of Tamaulipas was the result of a “chaos” by criminals. As a result, on the same Thursday afternoon, the cells of the dangerous Mexican group Cartel del Golfo handed over those responsible for this “error” as an apology.

he mexican poster Suspect accused of kidnapping four US citizens and then killing two has apologized. “error” task, Hand over a subordinate who has committed a crime.

According to foreign media reports such as vise, It is the Scorpions Group, the armed arm of a famous and feared organization. Gulf Cartel.

The group left the subject with their hands tied to the side of a black van in downtown Matamoros. tamaulipas, in mexico.

Along with them was a letter apologizing for the mistakes the members had made and asking them not to get involved with innocent people.

“The men responsible for these actions respected the life and integrity of innocent people, acted without discipline and with their own determination, contrary to the rules by which the Gulf Cartel has always acted,” he said. The message left by the group states:

“The Mexican Gulf Cartel apologizes to the Matamorense Association, Mrs. Allery’s relatives, and affected American families.” add.

In the letter, members of the group called out to society “I promise that the mistakes caused by the lack of discipline will not be repeated, and I promise to pay whoever is responsible, so please calm down.”

Mexican cartels kidnap US citizen

Last Friday, four Americans traveling in a car with North Carolina license plates They were attacked shortly after crossing from their home country to Mexico.

Specifically, the incident took place in Matamoros, a border city in Tamaulipas, one of Mexico’s most violent states.

During the incident, the Americans were forcibly loaded into pickup trucks by armed men.

Governor of Tamaulipas, Americo Villarreal, confirmed Tuesday that they had found the four missing people, Although two of them are dead.

Source: Biobiochile

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