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Chavistas assure international blockades and sanctions have ‘brought Venezuelans closer together’



The Venezuelan government will not sign “any deal” with opposition parties grouped on unitary platforms holding negotiation processes in Mexico until economic sanctions against the country are lifted, the Chavista leader said. guaranteed.

deputy God gave hair, Chavista No. 2 assured Thursday that international sanctions imposed on Venezuela have united and strengthened the president’s government Nicolas Maduro and people.

“We believe that these sanctions either converted the Venezuelan people or gave them more power to continue their resistance. This lockdown has brought us closer together and strengthened our internal resistance. ” said the lieutenant.

This, during his participation in the official acts of commemoration, “Bolivarian Anti-Imperialism Day”, Held at Plaza Bolivar in Caracas.

Cabello was confident that despite international measures, the Caribbean nation was experiencing economic growth and was not directly tied to the oil sector, which in his opinion was most affected by sanctions. .

However, in the past three months he has ‘Awful pressure’ and that the Executive Board has made the following decisions: “Stabilize” and support the growth of the country.

“On the contrary, sanctions have never been lifted from Venezuela until President Barack Obama’s order is ratified.” Said.

The above refers to the US government’s executive order declaring a “national emergency” in the Caribbean country in 2015.

“Geopolitical Suicide” as Chavistas Say

Former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa attended the event, “Geopolitical Suicide” Dollarization of the Venezuelan economy.

This is the country that has de facto adopted the US currency in recent years given the constant devaluation of its currency, the bolivar.

Cabello applauds the claim, saying that the Venezuelan currency is “I am and will continue to be a Bolivar.”

Venezuela is going through a process of informal dollarization of its economy as a result of the devaluation of the bolivar.

price cut It deepened during the period of hyperinflation the country experienced between 2017 and 2021.

Source: Biobiochile

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