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Judge orders ex-president Pedro Castillo to 36 months preventive detention in corruption case



Peru’s Supreme Court Justice Juan Carlos Checkley this Thursday imposed 36 months of preventive detention on former President Pedro Castillo, who is already in jail for his failed self-coup.

Peru’s Supreme Court Justice Juan Carlos Checkley this Thursday ordered former President Pedro Castillo, already imprisoned for his failed self-coup, to 36 months of preventive detention while he is under investigation into a corruption case. imposed.

At a virtual hearing, Mr Checkley said the measure was “appropriate” because it was “a very dangerous trial, not a common trial”, and said the former president had been sentenced to 18 months in preventive detention for a self-coup. said to have been detained. By intimidating witnesses, they have obstructed justice, even reaching the Attorney General himself, Patricia Benavidez.

In this sense, the magistrate said Castillo would likely face a 32-year prison sentence on charges of criminal organization, influence peddling and conspiracy.

The precautionary detention of the former president is in response to the pressure he exerted as general manager of state-run Petropel to appoint an official with no technical profile. Cancellation of international contests for purchasing biodiesel and awards to selected companies.

Similarly, the appointment of former Transport and Communications Minister Juan Silva, a fugitive from justice, is said to be intended to take over the ministry with relevant officials facilitating “project command” of the infrastructure responsible for its portfolio. increase.

Similarly, the judge cited two million soles ($500,000) that businesswoman Karelim Lopez said had been delivered to Castillo through advisers at the Palace of Government to obtain public works awards.

Checkley says that “Castillo played a key role” in these “illegal activities.”

Regarding Castillo’s escape and danger of entrapment, the Supreme Court judge has identified that the former president’s arrest last December occurred “when he attempted to seek asylum at the Mexican Embassy”, which was based in Lima. The official statement of the Ambassador and the President of Mexico himself, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Hours after the failed coup, Castillo’s wife and two minor children were accepted into Lopez Obrador and granted asylum by the country.

Regarding the attachment, the magistrate recalled that Castillo does not have a current physical address and Barbadillo Prison, where he has been detained since December, cannot be considered a current address at the request of his lawyers. .

Castillo denies allegations

In a previous investigation, last Tuesday, Castillo “absolutely and categorically” denied that he was the author and part of a criminal gang formed during his government (2021-2022). Did. of remand against him.

Castillo said at a virtual hearing convened by Judge Checkley, “I categorically and firmly deny that I am the author and member of any criminal network. The only crime I have committed is that as President of the Republic. I have served my country,” he said.

“I have not committed a crime, Judge, Peru knows, the people know, but today those who have made constitutional charges are, in any event, part of this criminal gang. “I know that’s the office president,” he said.

He denied that the prosecutor’s request was based on a possible escape.

“There is no danger of escape here. My home today has its roots in this place (prison),” he repeated before speaking to the judge. enemy. “

The Ministry of Public Affairs also requested 36 months of preventive detention each for former Ministers of Transport and Housing, Juan Silva Villegas and Gaynor Alvarado López.

Silva, who has been on the run from Justice since last year, has been charged with organized crime and simple conspiracy, while Alvarado is accused of organized crime.

Source: Biobiochile

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