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A Mexican drug cartel has apologized for the kidnapping and death of Americans



The kidnappers thought they were members of a drug gang from Haiti

The Mexican drug cartel responsible for the kidnapping of four Americans, two of whom died, has sent a written condemnation of the violence and apology to Mexican police, as well as a message that the gang members who carried out the kidnapping have already been handed over to the police.

The Scorpions faction of the Gulf Cartel has apologized to the residents of Matamoros in northeastern Mexico along the US border, where the Americans were kidnapped and killed. They also apologized to the Mexican woman who died in the shootout during the kidnapping and to the four Americans and their families.

“We decided to extradite those who were directly involved and responsible for the events. They acted arbitrarily and without discipline,” it says in the letter, adding that the individuals acted in violation of the cartel’s rules, which include respect for the life and welfare of the innocent.

Attached to the letter was a photograph of five bound men lying face down on the pavement. Mexican authorities have not publicly confirmed the veracity of the letter, but an unnamed state security official said five tied-up men were found in one of the vehicles searched by authorities along with the letter.

A cousin of one of the victims said his family feels great knowing Eric Williams, who was shot in the left leg, is alive, but won’t accept any apology from the cartel responsible for the kidnapping.

“It won’t change anything about the suffering we’ve been through,” said Jerry Wallace, 62, calling on the US and Mexican governments to pressure the cartel.

Last Friday, four Americans crossed the border in Matamoros, Texas, so that one of them could have cosmetic surgery. They came under fire from two drug gangs, after which they were kidnapped.

Mexican authorities found the abductees, two of whom were dead, on Tuesday at the clinic where the kidnappers had taken them after realizing the mistake. They believed that the black Americans were members of one of the drug gangs from Haiti.

US Attorney General Merrick Garland said the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the FBI are doing everything in their power to disrupt, disable and prosecute cartel leaders and their networks.

Source: Rtvslo

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