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Eight dead in shooting at Jehovah’s Witnesses church in Hamburg



Hamburg mayor Peter Chencher described what happened in the city as “horrifying” and said “security forces are working hard to persecute the perpetrators and find out what happened”. declared.

Shooting deaths registered last night Jehovah’s Witnesses Church weekly magazine”Der Spiegelwas a member of that religious community.

News television channel NTV, citing a police source, said: 8 Victims including perpetrators According to “Der Spiegel”, a man between 30 and 40 years old, with no history of extremism, allegedly fired with a pistol.

The attack occurred just after 5pm (Chilean time), when the perpetrators entered a three-story building housing a temple in the community and opened fire on those attending a service at the time.

Authorities, the police and the Hamburg Public Prosecutor’s Office are due to appear before the media this morning to provide more information, although there are an undetermined number of injuries that have not yet been identified.

he Police spokesman Holger Vehren He has already stepped forward last night with a statement to NTV based on the fact that the attacker was one of the dead.

A witness who captured some images from his home on his mobile phone told the channel that he heard at least 25 gunshots after the man entered the building, and another one a few minutes later. .

“In the current situation, we assume that the author is one of them. Police measures in the area will be gradually lifted. Investigations continue,” police reported on Twitter on Friday.

Police will also upload photos and videos of what happened in “related incidents” related to the incident to show where they can help with the investigation.

Security forces received reports of shootings after 9:00 pm local time (5:00 pm in Chile), with patrols being conducted near religious temples. Gross Borstel district, South of the city airport, went to the scene.

Hamburg mayor calls shooting at Jehovah’s Witnesses church ‘horrifying’

Initially, it was reported that one or more of the perpetrators may have fled, but this possibility was later ruled out.

Several neighbors said they heard what they identified as shootings, which occurred at least four times.

Around midnight, police urged residents to refrain from disseminating “discussions about the perpetrators and the incident” via social networks, and reported that they had not yet received “specific information” about the motive for the shooting.

Local media reported that police had cordoned off the area and that special forces had been dispatched. Near Groß Borstel, Alsterdorf and Eppendorf.

Around midnight, a helicopter monitoring that part of the city was seen flying over nearby areas.

A three-story building is located above. Daleboge Street Local media reported that members of Jehovah’s Witnesses meet twice a week at the Kingdom Hall.

he Hamburg Mayor Peter Chencher It described what happened in the city as “horrific” and declared that “security forces are working hard to persecute the perpetrators and reveal what happened”.

Source: Biobiochile

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