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‘I worry about the votes, not whether they look bad’: Marcel solidifies his criticism of MPs



It has been two days since the government suffered a major defeat in Congress when MPs chose not to enact tax reform. Criticism has not stopped, and now Minister Marcel stepped up his rhetoric against parliamentarians, pointing out that they alone are to blame for what happened.

Last Wednesday, the government suffered a major defeat in parliament. Against all odds, the House of Commons tax reform one of the president’s iconic projects Gabriel Bolick and that it serves as a pillar for carrying out the other initiatives of the program.

Minister of Finance, Mario Marcel regretted the situation and made a frank statement when leaving the room.

“Tax evaders will rejoice” and “It was a defeat for the country” were some of his words that day.

It’s been two days already, but the government’s criticism of what happened in the House and House of Representatives continues. Additionally, La Moneda’s team would have concluded that the pre-legislative work needed to be restructured.

Along these lines, Marcel again raised his voice, hardened his words, and avoided analyzing self-criticism.

“The government is not responsible. The government didn’t push the button to vote against (tax reform). They were members of parliament and members of parliament,” he said.

“They are responsible of that decision,” he added.

And he threw a dart: “People expect that when MPs are faced with a decision to pass or not to pass legislation, they will worry about ‘what did they say’ and whether they looked badly at them. It means you won’t.”

Currently, President Boric’s government Multiple options for tax reform: You can either wait a year, claim the initiative in the Senate (which may suffer new setbacks), or consider a new project.

In general, tax reform Substantial amendments to tax law income tax and other tax burdens (such as new taxes on wealth), and the application of new anti-evasion and tax evasion regulations.

I wanted to raise GDP increased by 3.6% in 4 years According to the calculations presented, “3% of the population will be forced to pay more taxes.”

For executives, the key was that reform saw the light.Through his deliberate adjustments, he intended Fund other structural reforms and extend social rights.

Source: Biobiochile

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