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Italian police sentenced to 30 years for espionage and selling classified information to Russia



A military court in Rome today sentenced former naval officer Walter Biot to 30 years in prison after he was arrested in March 2021 for selling classified information to Russian Embassy officials in Rome.

Former captain accused of exposure military secrets for spying purposes , obtaining confidential information for disclosure and communication abroad, and among other charges.Prosecutors were seeking life imprisonment, according to reports local media.

Biot was arrested in March 2021 along with a Russian military officer. “exchanging confidential information in exchange for money” reported by Carabineros in a statement at the time.

The scandal prompted the Italian ambassador to the Russian Federation to Sergey Lazov convened by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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The arrest of the frigate’s captain and Russian officials took place on the night of March 30, “during a secret meeting between the two. striking shape Shortly after delivery of classified documents by an Italian officer in exchange for money.”

The exchange of classified documents took place in a parking lot on the southern outskirts of Rome in exchange for €5,000, equivalent to approximately 4.2 million Chilean pesos.

Operation Carabinieri took place within the framework of a long-term intelligence operation conducted by the Internal Security Intelligence Service under the direction of the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office and with the support of the Pentagon, the statement reported.

On March 31, 2021, Italy expressed its “firm protest” to Russia over the spying incident, “immediate banishment” According to the then Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio’s declaration, two Russian officials were implicated in this “very serious matter”.

Source: Biobiochile

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