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Jumbo sentenced to compensation for client falsely accused of stealing nail polish



The resolution detailed that “prior to the security guard’s accountability, the affected woman had to empty her pockets” and had only her car and phone keys.

Rancagua Court of Appeal Confirms Judgment Condemning Supermarkets jumbo of the holding Sencosud, Pay a fine of 10 UTM (approximately $624,500) Cases of consumer rights protection law violations and one Compensation for Moral Damage of $1,000,000 To the woman who went to the branch.

When the woman went to the Jumbo branch, specifically the branch on the Presidente Eduardo Frey highway in Rancagua- I was falsely accused of stealing nail polish.

This situation occurred in November 2018 and was detailed by law enforcement officials.

By unanimous decision, the First Division of the Court of Appeal confirmed the judgment. denunciation by guards of commercial establishments.

The court found that the client suffered moral prejudice.

The resolution states, “Before the guard’s accountability, the affected woman had to empty her own pockets. he only had his car keys and personal phone He then showed security that the supermarket cart he used contained the seeds. ”

Ultimately, it was determined that there had been a violation of Section 15 of Section 19,496 of the Act at the supermarket, “Given the treatment received by the security guards, and in particular the accusation of a woman hiding nail polish in her clothes, , a conclusion not skewed by other evidence. ”

Source: Biobiochile

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