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Sernak accuses well-known travel agency of final fraud charges



Since last year, Sernak has received 501 claims against its agency for a series of breaches in contract tours and non-refundable claims in the event of unilateral cancellation or suspension.

The National Consumer Service (Sernac) Japan Tourism Agency Explore Chile Before the Ministry of Public Affairs, final execution of a crime of fraud or other crime; After going through a series of procedures within the framework of the Consumer Law (LPC), we did not receive a favorable response from the company.

He said that the purpose of this lawsuit was for the public prosecutor’s office to investigate this tourism agency and its representatives for committing possible fraud, embezzlement, or other crimes determined within the framework of its mandate. explained that it belongs tothey apply “The highest sanctions to be advanced by a judicial court.”

Andrés Herrera, national director of Sernac, said it was shameful and unexplainable that some companies serve consumers and do not return money to those affected. Instead, he pointed out, “We are legitimately deceiving consumers.”

“Given the seriousness of the situation, multiple crimes such as fraud and embezzlement may be committed, so we believe the most appropriate thing to do is to report it to the Ministry of Public Affairs. Inside, , This company and its representatives will be investigated and appropriate maximum sanctions may be applied to those responsible.” Herrera emphasized.

Sernac’s approach in this case

The service made this decision after taking various steps with the company to find a solution for consumers.

For example, he said in the past year that After receiving a number of complaints from consumers, the agency was contacted asking for information. A person who requested a response to a series of violations in the provision of services such as No refunds for unrealized tours, travel suspension or services not provided.

However, “the company did not respond,” said Sernac.

Faced with this situation, in January of this year, the company’s legal representative, Mr. Bastien Louis, was subpoenaed to testify, explaining that the problem of reimbursement of travel fees and delays had not taken place. . That was due to the internal restructuring of the company, in addition to the economic impact of the pandemic on the tourism market.

In this case, executives have promised to implement a plan to refund the money as soon as possible, ending in April of this year.However, later Unilaterally indicated that the return will be extended until January 2024 which is clearly unacceptable to consumers.


From January 2022 to the present, Sernac has 501 claims against Recorramos Chile. In February of this year alone, the service received 137 complaints. This represents almost one-third of the total number of cases for the specified period.

Recently in Punta Arenas, Let’s Tour Chile has abruptly canceled a series of contracted tourist services, especially tours operating in the Torres del Paine area. after that, The company shut down its website and closed its consumer contact channels.

Finally, Sernak maintains a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Public Affairs, which “aims to take various measures aimed at better protecting consumers from potentially fraudulent companies.” I remembered

Source: Biobiochile

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