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European Commission Vice-President Visits Chile, Reiterates Their Continent Needs Lithium



Margrethe Vestager uses her stay in Chile to visit lithium and copper mines. “We consider Chile a strategic partner,” he said before the trip.

European Commission Vice-President Margrethe Vestager said this Saturday Travel to Chile, Colombia and Brazil To deepen relations with the new government, The European Union is looking for partners for the supply of critical raw materials.

Brussels also wants to take advantage of the visit Promoting technical cooperation with Latin America.

Bestair Use your stay in Chile to visit lithium and copper mines months after the EU and Santiago updated trade agreement which prohibits monopolies in the import and export of vital raw materials and reduces the obstacles faced by European companies due to the dual pricing system the country has in this sector.

A very important deal for the EU since More than 60% of lithium imports come from Chile. is the world’s second largest producer of this basic metal for battery development.

“We consider Chile as a strategic partner” Vestager said in a statement to the press ahead of his trip. This is in line with a proposal launched by the European Commission next week to ensure that the EU has enough critical raw materials in case of future crises.

Brussels wants EU countries We ask companies to analyze their reserves, increase them as much as possible and use raw materials intensively. Analyze vulnerabilities within your supply chain.

However, since the EU does not aim to be self-sufficient, cooperation with third countries is key.

Bestair Use our stay in Chile to improve cooperation on space issues Through the Copernicus Earth Observation Program.

Colombia and Brazil

In Colombia, Vestager will launch a digital alliance between the EU and Latin America on March 14th. This facilitates digital connectivity between the two continents, From data protection through cybersecurity to artificial intelligence.

Brazil visit comes at a time when Brussels is confident of the president’s birth to power Luis Inacio Lula da Silva revive a trade agreement with Mercosur .

Chile, Colombia and Brazil “have modern governments we want to unite” and “share a set of values” Bester said.

Brussels wants to gain geopolitical importance in Latin America, as the European presidency begins on 1 July when it will host its first summit between the EU and CELAC since 2015. Meanwhile, Spain is also a target to promote.

Source: Biobiochile

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