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Main contents of Great Sodimac Training Fair 2023 announced



We have over 160 free theoretical and practical trainings. Schedules are available on the Sodimac Great Training Fair website.

new edition of Great Sodimac Training Fair the world’s largest construction event in the country to be held directly on the following day March 16th, 17th, 18th Mapocho Station free broadcast in the Tokyo metropolitan area web page of the event.

Among the various activities mentioned above 160 workouts done on the spot. About 50 of them will be put into practical use. coatings, tools, adhesives and more.

The program includes hands-on workshops. “Importance of seals in architecture” deer and “Free power cordless tools and new tools” Bowker and “Personal Protection Elements to Improve Workplace Safety” from 3M or “How to use cement to prepare different types of specialty concrete” Polpaico and many others.

It will also be more than 100 theoretical training sessions with subject matter experts sharing the latest knowledge in areas such as plumbing, finishes, tools, and much more.

“How to Become a Certified Specialist” From Valora, Chile “How to choose safety shoes” From Northeg, “Tips for processing plywood” of CMPC, “Concrete Solution” dewalt and “New Technologies in Tig and Manual Arc Processes” Indura’s will be some of them.

These trainings are not only for teachers directly participating in the Great Training Fair, website You can access the content virtually free.

Dialogue with experts

The plenary room will feature talks and panel discussions on topics not necessarily related to construction, such as mental health, inclusion, sustainability and digital tools.

On that line, Claudio Palma, prominent football announcer and rapporteur will have a talk conversation on leadership, self-improvement, discipline, and goals on Thursday 16th at 5pm. From these topics, communicators are motivated about how important it is to maintain interest in learning and training.

as well as the famous Psychologist Monica Lopez – A 17-year speaker focused on human development – will deliver two talks on mental health. is a topic on stress management, time management, and self-care techniques.

big workshop

The Plenary Hall will also host an innovative digital training experience focused on waste management on construction sites.the meeting is in charge Revista CEO Joaquín Cuevas aimed at training waste and recycling management in an interactive and playful way, and engaging the construction industry. circular economy culture .

Also announced in this space Alejandra Mustakis business woman, former president of the Chilean Entrepreneurs Association (Asech), Melina Montez A prominent Bajos De Mena leader, he will speak on the history of 1KO. 1KO is a social innovation organization that aims to save and make visible the talent in its community.

Certification at the Great Sodimac Training Fair

In addition to these trainings and workshops, calling for the improvement of national teachers in their respective fields, I have a free certification From the hands of Inacap plumbing and electricity .

To access them, you must complete training on each day of the event and pass the final exam with a grade of 4.0 or higher on the final day. Electricity takes place at 12:00 in Room 1 and Gasfitería at 17:00 in Room 1.

These certifications are based on updated content that considers major innovations in each area of ​​construction, all in collaboration with Inacap, the technical training center that supports this work.

The Sodimac Great Training Fair has been running since 2012, training thousands of teachers in a free event for the 2022 edition only. Benefiting over 190,000 people of all countries.

It’s worth remembering that this version also has Streaming not only to Chile but all over Latin America This content, along with information on over 70 companies participating in the event, will be available to all who have previously registered. web page.

Source: Biobiochile

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