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27 civilians decapitated in brutal attack over intercommunal conflict in Congo



Armed men decapitated 27 people in a communal attack on two towns in the western Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) province of Maindombe, a representative for the affected areas said today Agencia. Reported to EFE.

“The conflict began on the night of Tuesday, March 7, when militiamen killed 16 people with machetes,” the state’s deputy chief told EFE by telephone. David Visaka note that the attacker was a member of the community Yaka.

“Most of the victims were decapitated and the following Wednesday night, Eleven more people were killed by the same attackers in Kinsele. ” was one of the towns attacked, Visakha explained.

According to this representative, some of Kinsele’s victims were at least Chinese who were in the area as part of a road renovation.

In addition to the murders, the perpetrators also looted and burned several shops and homes.

Since mid-2022, there have been numerous clashes between Teke and Yaka in the area known as the ‘Greater Bandundu’, which includes the Congo provinces of Maindombe, Kwango and Kwiru.

Conflicts began with disagreements between these communities over payment of land use fees.

Traditional Teke leaders – They consider themselves indigenous to the area compared to other peoples. Yacas arrived later – increased these taxes and unleashed the wrath of other communities.

In October 2022, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) warned that at least 142 people have died and nearly 30,000 have been forced from their homes since July of that year. My Ndombe because of this conflict.

Mai Ndombe province was already plagued with communal violence in December 2018 when clashes between Batende and Vanunu peoples in Yumbi district left at least 890 people dead over several days.

Source: Biobiochile

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