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Faced with the imminent crisis and possible relocation of affiliates, Fonasa proposed the creation of a new insurance policy.



Preliminarily, this insurance will be funded by 7% of the contributions of those who voluntarily desire this modality, plus an additional supplementary premium.

In the midst of the financial crisis, Isapress experts said the details of the government’s proposed proposal must be known before taking a position on the issue.

in the meantime, Fonasa has raised the possibility of creating a new insurance For those transitioning from insurance companies to the public health system.

This week, the Ministry of Health (Minsal) presented the first guidelines for a bill aimed at addressing the ISAPRES financial crisis. Empower Fonasa with greater powers to oversee the sector, define the maximum period for returns by insurers.

However, the Isapres Association rejected the government’s proposal, stating: It lacks financial viability and does not provide viability to the system.

Experts, including a former health inspector in Sebastian Piñera’s second administration, asserted they did not yet know the details of the initiative to be put forward by the executive branch before taking a position on the issue. Patrick Fernandez .

In addition, yesterday, the health inspector Set the maximum amount to readjust the plan to 2.6% this was also questioned by unions, who noted that the health care cost index was lower than the actual increase indicated by the use of the system.

Former Minister of Health Sebastian Pinera and Director of the Institute of Public Health Policy at the University of San Sebastian, Enrique Paris explained that isapres may reject or accept calculations made by regulators.

With the massive migration of users from insurance companies to public health systems, Fonasa has raised the possibility of: Create a new policy for medical benefits This is intended to help people migrating from insurers to Fonasa maintain the same coverage and access they have today.

Preliminarily, this insurance will be funded by 7% of donations from those who voluntarily wish to use this modality. Extra extra premium.

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