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The Catholic Church in Germany will officially perform blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples



The Pope expressed favor for the membership of homosexuals in the Church

The Catholic Church in Germany will be able to officially perform rites of blessing for same-sex couples from March 2026, a special assembly for the reform of the Church concluded.

According to the Argentine media, he once again expressed his favor for the membership of homosexuals in the Church Pope Francis.

Of the 202 members of the synodal assembly, 176 voted for, 14 against, and 12 abstained. The required two-thirds majority was therefore exceeded. The three years until the implementation of the change should be used to prepare the form of the ceremony with the participation of the bishops.

Allowing same-sex couples to be blessed was a key requirement in the reform process that has been underway since 2019 and was seen as a test of the Church’s ability to reform in Germany.

Many parishes in Germany already perform such blessing ceremonies, although this is an area that is not regulated in terms of church regulations.

The Catholic Church is otherwise divided regarding homosexuals. German reformers, for example, call for the acceptance of same-sex unions, while in many countries around the world the recognition of such unions remains a big taboo.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis is in an interview with an Argentine press agency Infobae said that God wants everyone to be welcome in the Catholic Church, including homosexuals, because the Gospel says so. Thus, he once again expressed the same position as ten years ago, when he said shortly after the beginning of his papal ministry: “If someone is gay and seeks God and has good intentions, who am I to judge them?”

Source: Rtvslo

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