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Colombia recognizes the ELN’s political status as an “armed anti-government organization.”



Negotiations between the government and guerrilla groups, which had been suspended for four years since they began in 2017, resumed in Caracas in 2022, with Cuba, Norway and Venezuela as guarantors.

Phase 3 of the Roundtable for Peace Negotiations between the United States and Japan. Colombian government and the national liberation army (ELN) finished in Mexico City this Friday.

The above, upon recognition of the political status of the ELN by the Government of President Gustavo Petro, “Insurgent Armed Organization” record with “move on” with the aim of reaching a bilateral ceasefire agreement.

The Vice President of Colombia was present at the end of the series of talks that began in February in Mexico City. France Marquez.

“National governments, within their constitutional and legal powers, and having regard to their political recognition, shall: National Liberation Army (ELN), As an anti-government armed group, it engages in negotiations and dialogue of a political nature. to find solutions to armed conflicts.” Taking note of the resolution of the Petro Government.

The chief negotiators of both parties expressed cautious optimism about the results achieved. However, the long-awaited bilateral ceasefire agreement has yet to be identified.

Negotiations with Colombian and Mexican ELNs

“We have been able to start addressing the most urgent, heartfelt and sensitive issues, such as the ceasefire, while also opening the door wide for the participation of citizens and communities,” he said. rice field. Otti Patino Head of the Colombian government’s negotiating delegation.

“Today we have made progress in building an itinerary with a shared vision of peace.” Patino emphasized.

On his part, aka “Pablo Beltran” ELN Chief Negotiator “First steps to materialize bilateral, domestic and temporary ceasefires”.

“To achieve a comprehensive and lasting peace, we must all change. We must all participate in its planning and realization.” Beltran said at the closing ceremony held at the Colegio San Ildefonso in the heart of the Mexican capital.

The next stage of peace talks between the Colombian government and the ELN will be held in Cuba, but no start date has been given.

Mexico, With Venezuela, Chile, Norway and Brazil While being the guarantor of peace talks, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Spain They act as companion states.

Source: Biobiochile

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