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Over 42,000 doctors and nurses have left Venezuela



The Venezuelan Medical Federation confirmed today, within the framework of Venezuelan Doctor’s Day, that 42,000 health workers have left the country due to the economic crisis without specifying the duration of these movements.

of Venezuelan Medical Federation (FMV) on Venezuelan Doctor’s Day, at least 42,000 health workers left the country, Without specifying the duration of these transitions, economic crisis.

“Doctors and health professionals earn disastrous salaries. In response to socioeconomic demands, the government violates workers’ rights by refusing to discuss collective bargaining,” FMV said. president said. Douglas Leon Natella Quoted in press release.

He also said low wages and “governmental persecution of workers” had caused “massive resignations” and the displacement of doctors from all specialties.

Medical Sector Leaves Venezuela

Leon Natera added that the hospital was without constant water and electricity supplies, as well as maintenance of medicines, surgical instruments, stretchers and elevators.

He claimed that on “another” occasion they asked the administration to implement a hospital recovery plan, but to date have not received a response.

“Relative Improvement” in Venezuelan Hospital Care

On March 1, the NGO Médicos por la Salud detailed the Venezuelan scenario in its annual report. National hospital survey (strengthen).

By 2022, Venezuela’s hospital treatment rate will increase by “relative improvement” Compared with the previous year, the situation in the region is “It still matters.”

The NGO noted that “the average number of emergency beds available in each hospital has increased by 36.9 (2022), compared to 35.1 in 2021. There will be an average of 3.6 operational pavilions in 2022, compared to 3.5 in 2021. Become.”

Regarding staff, the survey reported: “We are cautiously increasing from an average of 10.1 emergency cases in 2019 to 11 in 2022.”

Meanwhile, the number of specialists and nurses has remained stable.

Source: Biobiochile

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