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El Salvador’s regime and mega-prisons, but Chile’s?: ‘They are different situations and cannot be compared’



A heavy-handed strategy in El Salvador has helped Naive Bukele’s government succeed in fighting crime. As a result of this violent reality in the Central American country, many people in other Latin countries are wondering whether this El Salvadoran prison system applies to their respective countries. Year. Can El Salvador’s system of exceptions be applied to our country? Will it be necessary?

“El Salvador is no longer on the list of the most violent countries in the world and has become the safest country in Latin America.” The Foreign Ministers of the Central American countries said at the beginning of March, United Nations Human Rights Council.

Within the framework of the Territorial Management Plan, the government Naive Bukele claims to have arrested more than 64,000 criminals has been significantly reduced. murder rate.

Thanks to this, El Salvador “example” how to control crime in the majority of the population of various Latin countries, So is Chile.

The executive branch defends a one-year exemption system, Humanitarian organizations in El Salvador have received nearly 8,000 complaints. Most of them are arbitrary arrests.

despite this, Throughout this process, several voices have accused Bukele of various wrongdoings and crimes.

Bukele would have negotiated with the gang

An alleged gang member of 2,000 recently opened terrorist containment center (CECOT) is a gigantic prison with a capacity of 40,000 people that has traveled around the world.

The event sparked an exchange of tweets between presidents Naive Bukele and his Colombian counterpart, Gustavo Petro penalties “concentration camp” For young people.

of twitter, Human Rights Watch (HRW) He even accused the Salvadoran government of negotiating “It benefits gangsters in exchange for lower murder rates and electoral support.”

Can El Salvador’s system of exceptions apply to Chile?

Due to the popularity of Bukele, BioBioChile Samuel Fernandez Chuo University international analyst explaining the reality of Chile and El Salvador “Those are different situations.”

“These are not comparable situations, and from many points of view, Because the situation in El Salvador has been very serious for many years. ” commented the expert.

“In the midst of a very violent civil war, Malas and the Gradual Dominance of Organized Crime in highly sensitive regions of the world. The comparison with Chile is not good.” sentenced.

Similarly, it should be noted that El Salvador’s criminal gangs are much older, have a greater reach and are more violent.

“Fortunately, they are nothing compared to what is happening in our country today.” Fernandez commented.

“The government of El Salvador is acting according to the parameters that its citizens have, in addition to the high number of deaths in El Salvador’s prisons,” he said.

this is “Gangsters operate in prisons and they don’t stop committing crimes even from prison.”

This is why this prison was built, with great collusion. “Follow the El Salvadoran Population Turmoil.”

Maras in Chile like in El Salvador?

“The possibility of Maras being present in Chile has not been fully proven. Nonetheless, criminal violence is growing exponentially and is of great concern,” argues international analysts.

“They may be operating in Chile, this is an assumption, and we have found specific moments where they can operate,” he said. “It’s not generalized in Chile, and it doesn’t have the dimensions that were adopted in El Salvador.”

“Measures should not be the same. So they are not the same reality, which is why it starts with the legal framework. El Salvador has obtained the necessary powers and laws to act. They do it according to those regulations,” he adds.

And he went on to say: “We have a different system, not only because we have a different prison system, but because legal amendments always have to be made that are very difficult to accept.”

“In Chile, the prison population is growing Naturally, this requires a little more long-term vision. Conditioning the legal system to new criminal realities. But this is done throughout the legal system. ” The expert has finished.

Regimes in El Salvador and mega-prisons, but in Chile? Are they different situations and not comparable?
EFE Agency | Rodrigo Sula

“Punitive Populism”

Meanwhile, in the Central American country, success in fighting organized crime The Bukele government has an approval rating of up to 90%.

but, How sustainable are current public security policies in the long term?

the policy of “Punitive Populism” The Salvadoran president’s ruling was “based on an apology for violence, punishment, and not on rehabilitation or restorative justice.”

So says Ana María Mendez, director of Central America for the human rights group. Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA).

“Strong policies are not new and are not sustainable in the medium to long term. Because a significant portion of the population is in prison and this issue creates a circle of violence. ” sentenced.

Source: Biobiochile

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