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Wagner’s mercenary band approaches the center of Bajmut and launches an attack on the AZOM metallurgical company



A group of Wagner mercenaries approach the center of Bakhmut, Ukraine, and launch an attack on the AZOM metallurgical company. The town is a supply route for the Ukrainian army and has recently acquired symbolic value for both Russians and Ukrainians.

The Wagner group of Russian mercenaries continued their advance on Bakhmut, where they began fighting for control of the AZOM metallurgical company, 1.2 kilometers away from the city center Ukraine sends reinforcements from other regions to prevent the Russian siege from closing.

“There, next to the smoking five-story building, is the administrative headquarters of the city, which is the administrative center of the city. Prigogine said in a statement. Video posted on his Telegram account .

The US War Research Institute (ISW) has confirmed new advances by Russian forces in the city. “Geolocation images (…) show the advance of Russian troops to new positions northwest of Bakhmut. 800 meters from the AZOM metalworking plant,” he said.

According to the ISW, Russian forces may attempt a frontal attack on the highly fortified plant. “For the Wagner Group, it will probably be very expensive.” public DW.

Wagner and the Bahmut Group

Russian forces have been besieging the city for several weeks and have successfully cut off several vital supply routes for Ukrainian forces. The battle, the longest since the Russian offensive began more than a year ago, has garnered symbolic value for both Ukraine and Russia. Numerous humiliating setbacks.

Russia wants to take the bahmut they have left less than 4,000 inhabitants could start in two months if Ukraine receives more ammunition and long-range missiles from the West in time before Ukraine launches a counteroffensive in the spring, said Mihailo Podoljak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president. told the newspaper La Stampa.

The UK Ministry of Defense reported that “in the last four days, the Wagner Group has taken control of much of eastern Bahmut.” “Ukrainian forces control the western part of the city and have destroyed the main bridge over the river that crosses the city,” the same source added.

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