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‘We don’t have machines or motor pumps’: Peru’s president admits lack of resources in the face of floods



Peruvian President Dina Boruarte says the country lacks the means to deal with the emergency that has killed six people so far after visiting Tumbes, one of the hardest-hit areas by Cyclone Yak floods I acknowledged that

Amid record flooding in northern Peru due to heavy rainfall from Cyclone Yak, which has killed six people so far, President Dina Boluarte has admitted that the country has no means to face the emergency. .

“Through the National Institute of Civil Defense (Indeci), we warned weeks ago that this natural phenomenon would affect the north of the country. And the truth must be told. We don’t have a country, we don’t have a machine, we don’t have an electric pump. There is no way to face this natural rain. ” the president said this Saturday.

Deliver relief supplies to cyclone-affected areas

The President, along with other ministers and authorities, visited Tumbes, one of the affected areas, to deliver supplies and humanitarian aid, and visited areas affected by floods and river flooding.

After that tour, he added that the state had no means. It said it was “abandoned” and they were working with private companies to provide the material.

He also said that his government should ensure that each local government Enough mechanical ‘packs’ to face this natural disaster It can also be used to rebuild bridges and roads.

A tweet from the president’s office detailed that the executive branch: Arranged two helicopters to mobilize affected families and delivered 400 tons of humanitarian aid. for those affected.

A bridge collapsed and fell in the town of Kasma in the Ancash governorate in the country’s north on Saturday, and the region’s provincial governor, Koki Noriega, told local media that the bridge had been lost. The main entrance to northern Peru”.

The government has agreed to declare a state of emergency from the central region of Lima to Tumbes, which borders Ecuador, due to the presence of Cyclone Yak off the Andes region.

Heavy rain kills 6 people

Ricardo Pajares, general coordinator of the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN), warned on Channel N this morning about the potential flooding of streams and rivers after heavy rains, stating: “Peru is not prepared to face these climate events. No,” he declared. .

He also reported that there would be moderate rainfall in the central highlands of Lima, but revealed that as Cyclone Yak moved westward, there would come a time when it would weaken and the rains would no longer have an effect. Did.

So far, heavy rains have killed four people in Piura and two in Lambayeque, according to Indeci data.

The departments of Cajamarca, Lambayeque, Piura and Tumbes are on alert because they are “areas where very heavy rainfall is expected,” the institute said.

Source: Biobiochile

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