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Ukraine warns Russia ‘hungry for missiles’, will ‘do everything possible’ to acquire weapons



Ukrainian military spokesman Yury Ignat has warned that the Russian army is “missile-hungry” and Moscow is “doing everything possible” to acquire new weapons to fight in this war. “We plan to do it, and it’s already been done. over 1 year.

“Everybody believes (Russian missiles) are exhausted. But there is no need to rush to conclusions. I will do my best,” Ignat said.

A military spokesman said Russia now believes it needs to respond to some top military commanders complaining about a shortage of weapons and is likely to do so with “drone”.

In this regard, Ignat appealed to the Ukrainian military authorities to maintain tensions and continue to ensure the country’s territorial defense, acquire anti-aircraft systems and repel drone attacks.

These words from a spokesman for the Ukrainian military come as U.S. military officials repeatedly warn of the possibility of China supplying weapons to the Russian military.

But while Kiev has so far ruled out this possibility, in the search for new weapons, Moscow is turning to other Asian allies such as Burma after several similar countries such as Serbia have refused. I knew that I could.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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