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Fraudulent job advertisements on the Internet and social networks



Fake recruiters and job ads asking applicants for banking details to pay for supposed training are some of the fraudulent job ads circulating in cyberspace.

Similar to vacations, summer apartment and cabin rentals have seen a spike in fraud notifications throughout the year. Ads that offer non-existent jobs circulating on social networks an alert was sent by SOS Group, a company that recruits and selects workers for various companies.

The platforms most used by scammers for this purpose are: LinkedIn -especially to offer jobs abroad-, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook there are many complaints about it.

These publications increase during high-spending months such as Christmas, summer, and March.

“Fraudulent job ads take advantage of people’s needs. fall for fraud.

How False Job Ads Are Presented

These scams are usually they come in two forms .

One is by posting job ads. Applicants are required to make money transfers to fund job interviews, medical examinations for positions, work visa processing, or training for employment.

Another modality is Fake recruiters send interested applicants a link so that they can fill out a form with personal information and current bank account or credit card numbers.

“They justify requesting this data to send money to applicants to fund training. They then pretend to be your identity to take out loans from abroad or make purchases with your credit card. ” Henriquez says.

alarm signal

Provided by SOS Group experts Tips for Detecting Fraudulent Job Ads Don’t fall into the trap:

-If applicants are asked to send money to finance the selection process, Reject the job offer.

“Formal recruitment agencies will never ask for money from applicants because the job selection process is fully funded by the company trying to fill the position,” said an expert. say.

-No need to fill out a job application form that asks for a checking account number, debit or credit card. This information can be used to steal the applicant’s identity and conduct banking or commercial activities in the applicant’s name.

・If the salary in the job advertisement is excessively high For positions that don’t demand a lot of requirements, it’s a red flag that they may be fraudulent.

“Salaries, benefits and conditions offered by job advertisements must be tailored to the market. If something seems too good, it is very likely a scam,” said Henríquez warns Mr.

If a recruiter writes from a free email account, it’s a sign of fraud. For formal job postings, recruiters write from a company email associated with the company’s website. We encourage you to check the website to see if the company exists and what it does.

・If you receive a job offer through LinkedIn, a recruiting organization on Facebook or Instagram, or an internal message on WhatsApp, Check Recruiter Profiles on Social Networks .

If the vacancy is published by a natural person, I need to confirm that I work for the company , has a profile with achievements and previous publications, and discards the job ad from the profile created a few days ago. This will likely go away once the money is recovered.

Finally, experts recommend applying to job advertisements published on social networks by duly established companies or recruiters.

Source: Biobiochile

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