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‘A very ungovernable country’: Afghanistan’s dramatic situation after Taliban rise



Despite the fact that the Taliban were more open and interactive when they came to power in Afghanistan in August 2021, a year and a half later, things are getting worse. In fact, according to a United Nations report, China is “the most oppressive country for women,” and some of their liberties are denied by the authorities.

It wasn’t until August 2021 that the United States officially withdrew all troops from Afghanistan. This historic event was marked by dramatic images captured at Kabul Airport. Thousands of Afghans tried to board planes to flee the country.

The withdrawal of the Americans and the imminent rise of the Taliban caused panic in the punished Islamic Emirate. Some even clung to the wheels of C-17 transport planes fleeing the country.

Dramatic footage showed people falling from a height, unable to resist the speed of aircraft hundreds of meters high.

After landing in Qatar, US forces found “human remains” in the landing gear of a military plane surrounded by Afghan forces.

Initially, and with the rise to power in August 2021, The Taliban promised to respect women according to “general amnesty” and “Islamic principles.” This is while the capital slowly regains its rhythm, even as it fears what might happen with the new administration.

Aiming to change its tarnished image, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said at the time that the war was over, adding: They promised to “allow women to work while respecting the principles of Islam.”

Since then, Islamist militias, especially since they entered Kabul, have doubled down in their efforts to present a closer image to the population, and in a matter of days took control of nearly the entire country.

“They follow the extreme and strict religious sector of Islam.”

in a conversation with BioBio Chile Samuel Fernandez, former ambassador to Egypt and current international analyst at Chuo University, presents his vision of the situation in Afghanistan.

“Americans have spent 20 years and accomplished virtually nothing. They left the country rather abruptly, leaving Afghanistan to the fate of the Taliban. “He started pointing out.

“They have a peculiarity, which is that they follow an extreme and rigid religious branch of Islam in terms of their beliefs. is,” he added.

Famously was the image of the Taliban occupying the Afghan presidential palace, which was recently abandoned by President Ashraf Ghani, who decided to flee abroad to “avoid bloodshed.”

However, when the Taliban ruled the country from 1996 to 2001, many believed their true motives, given that they established very strict Islamic laws and particularly suppressed women’s liberties. did not.

Everything shows that the population’s fears are not far from reality.

This has been stated by Afghanistan’s magistrate Gurarai Hotak, who has already decided that there can be no return to the rights women had before the Taliban ruled.

“There is no prospect of a return to the pre-Taliban situation for women. It hurts, but that’s how it is.” noted on Monday, March 6, according to EFE Agencyin the framework of a debate at the V Conference on Justice and Equality hosted by the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

“They (Afghans) are somehow trying to leave the country and reach European countries,” he said, adding that their rights “have been largely violated by the Taliban government.”

Taliban security personnel
Taliban security personnel | EFE agency

Fernandez, on the other hand, said that this Islamism abhors all that is alien and should therefore never be expected to evolve. This is because, in their belief, a Westernized person will soon be condemned to eternal life.

“It’s a very traditional, very deep religious thing that is, of course, completely immune to modernization or anything other than Shariah, the most rigorous of Islam,” Fernandez said. I was.

“In addition, their sector is probably the most fanatical and the most restrictive because different currents fit Islam. , the child’s dependence on men, and in the habits of adolescents. They have no access to education, no right to college, no position or profession. ” he said.

Fernandez, an expert on foreign policy issues, said Afghanistan is surrounded by countries that have no interest in returning to American hands.

“A long time ago, when the Soviets went there, it already happened. They got nothing, they were expelled. People and large ethnic groups are fighting each other,” he explained.

“They have been fighting all their lives, the Soviet Union has failed to subdue them, but Afghanistan itself has failed to form a government. .

Afghan women at the market on the eve of World Women's Day
Afghan women at the market on the eve of World Women’s Day. EFE Agency

In this sense, the lawyer explained that aspects of life such as education and justice are prohibited for women. cannot perform its duties.

false promise

Regarding the promises of “openness” the Taliban made when they came to power in August 2021, Fernandez stresses that they have not delivered on anything. “It was a tactic at the time to prevent American retaliation, aggression, or the arrival of new troops.

“They made many aggressions and the country suffered a heavy blow. They withdrew to themselves and all the old rivalries were reborn. It was in between, so there’s a secret: the Taliban themselves are people who impose their power on others,” he said.

“Religion can be held in power as long as it is applied in the strictest manner. In short, not everyone wants or accepts them, and many oppose them. Winning for them.” The only way is through the power of religion and oppression of the people,” he said.

UN Warning of Serious Danger

It should be noted that recently united nations It warned about the situation in Afghanistan, indicating that the country “continues to face a serious crisis and requires urgent action by all parties to prevent further deterioration of the situation.”

UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan, Richard Bennett, spent 12 days in the Muslim country, meeting with women’s groups, victims of human rights abuses, journalists, businessmen, religious scholars and others.

Most of the interviewers were “The desperate situation of women and girls, Attacks on places of worship, schools, transportation, and minority communities are on the rise. ”

“The humanitarian situation remains dire, the security situation fragile, attacks on places of worship, schools, transport, minority groups increasing, and civilians and combatants in states where armed groups still operate. Violence is taking place,” the United Nations said in a statement.

Afghan women at the market on the eve of World Women's Day
Afghan women at the market on the eve of World Women’s Day. EFE Agency

“Women are in the power of men and have no right even to cultivate themselves and learn to read and must be completely covered. It is a perverse way of imposing religion not by decision but by imposition. ‘ says Fernandez.

Limited for men For example, aside from distractions and music, sports are watched closely. Don’t go out drinking, be careful with festivals, be careful what you do to each other, you might be immoral. Sexual problems have complete repression. Homosexuality is punishable.”

“No one wants to go into it because they know they are going to find a country that is very difficult to rule. ” explained the former ambassador.

“They are very fearsome warriors, not rational cowards, they are utter fanatics. How to enter Afghanistan? What countries could the Western world come to Afghanistan? We don’t have good relations, so it’s important to look at the countries that surround it,” he added.

“No one dared to enter and the Afghan government itself has done very badly. It is definitely a very poorly governed country,” he concludes.

Source: Biobiochile

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