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UN estimates it will take 300 years to achieve gender equality



United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres warned on Monday, the eve of International Women’s Day, that it would take 300 years to achieve gender equality at the current rate.

“Progress achieved over decades is evaporating before our eyes,” Guterres warned at the opening of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, which focused on technological disparities. bottom.

Many of the The relationship is “decaying”.

The covid-19 pandemic, conflicts from Ukraine to the Sahel, have affected and continue to affect women and girls “in the first place”.

“Patriarchy fights back, but we will respond,” said Mr. Guterres, affirming that the United Nations will “stay with women and girls around the world.”

The “misogynistic misinformation and lies” on social networks are aimed at “silencing women and pushing them out of public life,” she recalls.

“The story may be wrong, but the damage is very real.” “I oppose including a gender perspective in multilateral negotiations.”

On the conference agenda, Guterres said promoting women’s contributions to science, technology and innovation is “neither a charity nor a boon to women.”

The benefits of access to online health services, banking and financial resources, and secure digital platforms and technology are “for everyone,” he recalled.

“Science and technology would only achieve half its potential without the insight and creativity of half the world’s people,” warned Guterres, adding that of the three billion people who are not yet connected to the Internet, I remembered that the majority were women and girls. developing countries.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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