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In Iran, more than a hundred people were arrested for the poisoning of schoolgirls



Death sentence for Swedish-Iranian dissident Habib Čab

Iran has announced that more than a hundred people have been arrested in connection with the mysterious poisoning of schoolgirls. “Among those arrested are people with hostile motives and the goal of sowing terror among people and schoolchildren in order to close schools,” the Ministry of the Interior announced.

In Iran, since the end of November, a series of cases of poisoning of schoolgirls have been reported. Due to “unpleasant” smells in the school premises, they fainted, felt sick, had difficulty breathing, and some even needed medical help. According to the latest official data, more than 5,000 female students in around 230 schools in 25 of 31 Iranian landscapes.

“More than a hundred people responsible for recent incidents in schools have been identified, arrested and investigated,” is according to Saturday’s Iranian news agency Irna message from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. “Thankfully, the number of incidents has decreased significantly in recent days and there have been no reports of students suffering from medical problems,” it added.

The message indicated possible links to the Iranian opposition group Mujahedin-e Kalk (MEK), which is based in Albania and is considered terrorist by Tehran. “The investigation of the suspects, including their possible links to terrorist organizations such as MEK and others, it is still going on,” she reported Irna.

The poisonings came after two months of protests in Iran following the death of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman Mahse Amini in police custody. She was arrested for allegedly violating the strict dress code for women. Iran has blamed hostile forces from abroad for these protests.

Death penalty for a dissident

The Iranian Supreme Court, however, confirmed the death sentence for the Swedish-Iranian dissident Habib Chabawho was convicted of terrorism in Iran two years after disappearing from a Turkish airport.

Tehran does not recognize his dual citizenship, and he was sentenced to death last December for “corruption on earth by forming, managing and leading a rebel group called Harakat alNidaland the planning and execution of numerous terrorist operations in the province HuzestanAmong other things, he is said to have participated in the attack on the military parade in Ahvaz in 2018, in which, according to reports, Iranian authorities, 25 people died and 250 were injured.

Last week, an Iranian court sentenced six alleged members of the group to death Harakat alNidal, who allegedly carried out several attacks between 2017 and 2019. They are said to receive orders from their “European leaders such as Habib Nabgan and Habib Chab“, the website of the Iranian judiciary reported Misan Online.

Source: Rtvslo

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