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Aleksandar Vučić began to establish a new movement with the assembly



The Serbian president does not rule out the candidacy of the movement in the upcoming elections

The President of Serbia and the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), Aleksandar Vučić, called on the participants of the rally in Vranje in the south of the country to join the national movement for the state, which they will establish by the beginning of June.

With today’s rally, which was accompanied by a large banner with a slogan “Serbia dreams and dreams come true”according to his own statements, started the establishment of the movement.

At Friday’s meeting of the leadership of his SNS party, which unanimously supported his proposal to establish a movement, Vučić announced, Yes will try with the goal of creating a movement in year to visit all Serbian municipalities, he hopes Yes also in Kosovo. Today he said Yes he will also be part of this movement, which must be cross-party, but emphasized Yes the founding of the movement no means the termination of the SNS client.

In the next two months, he will devote himself to its organizational form, he added, while not ruling out the possibility, Yes would the new movement run in future elections. He emphasized Yes that will be it “a great national movement for our one and only country, Serbia, which we have, which we must preserve for ours children”. According to him, in the current geopolitical moment, it is important Yes in All smart people are engaged in Serbia, “who are for Serbia”both those who are party members and those who are not.

Vučić announced the establishment of the National Movement for the State in at a time when it is under strong pressure from the EU and the US, Yes concludes an agreement on the normalization of relations with Kosovo.

Washing responsibility for SNS?

Leader of the opposition movement Serbia center Cheers Pride he estimated Yes Vučić wants by founding a new movement “SNS to wash away responsibility for everything bad that he did in power”. As he said, he will “probably dropped dirty water”, with which even the unpopular members of SNS will leave. Vučić will be “changed the skin”and with this new garment, which will be called movement, he continued to do the same as he had been doing until now.

Also the president of the opposition Democratic Party Zoran Lutovac he estimated Yes means a new movement attempt repackaging of the same content, but the decline in SNS support should also be mitigated. Me too, Yes in movement no will be no new people not new policies.

Professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences Čedomir Čurić is for N1 rated Yes it’s a battle for sympathizers as SNS popularity declines. A psychologist A beam Trebješanin but he warned Yes by choosing the name of the movement, they put everyone who will criticize Vučić on the spot in the position of those who are “enemies of the state”.

Source: Rtvslo

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