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Government does not advocate tax reform in Senate, announces ‘consultation round’



After the tax bill was thrashed in the House last Wednesday, Minister of FinanceMario Marcel confirmed that he does not intend to advocate for the same proposal in the Senate.

This was the only legislative instrument to move the proposal forward, but it was unlikely that the two-thirds required in the Senate would be achieved.

For this reason, the portfolio head confirmed the decision this Sunday in an interview with Channel 13’s Central Table. A new project presentation in another year,” he assured.

“We plan to initiate a series of consultations with various economic, social and political stakeholders to define what adjustments or changes we will make to the rejected proposals in order to return them to the legislative process. ‘ he added.

As such, it is no longer in La Moneda’s plans to continue with the tax reform bill on the same terms that have been put forward after his ouster in the House of Representatives.

Ancillary projects continue the course

Facing a new dialogue, Marcel explained in his next proposal, “We intend to seek not only greater clarity regarding the destination of the resources, but also reference and clarity to the agreements generated.” .Resource Destination. And finally, the only red line is financial responsibility. So what we are doing is always adhering to the fiscal policy targets we have set. ”

Of course, other tax-related projects will continue to be handled. For example, the mining royalties being discussed in the Senate, along with others such as correctional taxes and local rents, are proposals expected to be processed in a couple of weeks, according to Marcel.

Marcel: “Entrepreneurs understand that there are issues related to the country”

Similarly, finance chiefs had word about private sector sensitivities ahead of tax proposals.

“The vision of industry groups on these issues is changing. Years ago we had a lot of rigidity and a lot of dogmatism. means to do”.

Source: Biobiochile

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