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Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinian shooters in West Bank



The Israeli military confirmed that three people had been shot dead and that a fourth armed individual had turned himself in and was detained.

three armed Palestinians they were shot Israeli forces reported on Sunday after shooting Israeli soldiers in the occupied northern West Bank.

Through a statement, they ‘Armed attackers opened fire’ West of Nablus, the soldiers responded with “live ammunition” against the soldiers at the military post near the crossroads of Zit.

“Three armed attackers Neutralized while exchanging shots and additional armed men surrendered to the army and were detained,” they added.

Israeli soldiers kill three Palestinian shooters in West Bank

Violence has escalated in the West Bank over the past year, but has worsened since the regime returned to power. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu In December, in a coalition between ultra-Orthodox Jews and the far right.

Since the beginning of this year, the conflict has claimed many lives. 81 Palestinian adults and children including extremists and civilians.

died at the same time 12 Israeli civilians Including three children and a police officer, according to counts based on official sources on both sides.

Source: Biobiochile

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