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Uncertainty rises as Daniel Ortega orders sever diplomatic ties with the Holy See



Pope Francisco Daniel Ortega

Pope Francisco Daniel Ortega

After Pope Francis described Daniel Ortega’s government as a “Hitler dictatorship,” international media, citing Roman diplomatic sources, said Ortega’s government had “verbally” announced the severing of ties at the Vatican State Office in Rome. I affirmed. In the Pope’s statement, the Pope made forceful reference to the regime’s attack on the Catholic Church for the first time.

The Vatican has not officially confirmed this information, but according to news portal Confidential Yara Suhyén Pérez Calero, the Vatican has not officially confirmed this information.

If the decision is confirmed, Nicaragua will end its 115-year ties with the Holy See, with which the Sandinista government has had serious friction over the past 40 years.

Nicaragua is among a small group of 13 countries that do not maintain diplomatic relations with the Holy See, four of which have communist governments: Vietnam, North Korea, China, Laos and eight Muslims. They are: Somalia, Oman, Mauritania, Maldives, the Comoros Islands, Brunei, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Bhutan, a Buddhist kingdom in South Asia.

A diplomatic source consulted in Rome said, “Representatives of Nunciatura in Managua were given one week to leave the country,” according to The Confidential.

The Holy See Mbay Diouf has been in charge of the Vatican’s diplomatic mission since early March last year, after the dictatorship de facto ousted the apostolic Pope Waldemar Stanislaw Sommertag.

Ortega y Murillo’s government gave verbal notice to the Apostolic Ambassadors of their expulsion from Nicaragua. On Saturday 5 March 2022, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Arlette Marenco informed Pope’s representatives that she had 10 days before leaving the country. However, after consultations with the Holy See, Monsignor Sommertag did not say goodbye to the Nicaraguan Episcopal Conference (CEN) or the country’s accredited diplomatic corps, and the next day he announced his diplomatic mission on the evening of Sunday 6 March. Left the mission, the Nicaraguan assures. media.

The 2022 papal expulsion exacerbated a period of hostility, persecution and harassment against the Catholic Church. National forces and international groups acting in Nicaragua to overthrow him.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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