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Three lion cubs found in Senegal offer hope to save West Africa’s lions



A video of three lion cubs with their mother in a national park in Senegal gives hope that the endangered West African lion can be saved.

Panthera, a U.S. organization dedicated to protecting the world’s felines and their ecosystems, photographed a lioness and three bear cubs next to animal carcasses in the southeastern Nikolo Coba National Park in February. An image captured by an automatic camera has been released. .

A lioness named Florence, about 10 years old, rummaging through meat, and a three-month-old lion cub mimicking her, experimenting with claws and fangs, are images of the West African “It’s a sign that our lion population is recovering,” said Panthera. said in a statement.

Since 2011, the organization has been working with the Senegalese National Park Authority on conservation activities in Nikolo Coba.

Since then, the number of lions has increased from 10 or 15 to 30, according to the organization, citing improvements in the fight against poachers and scientific work with Senegalese authorities.

West African lions are genetically distinct from their African and Asian subspecies, characterized by their thick manes. According to Panthera data, less than 120 to 380 specimens remain.

The species, revered enough to appear in Senegal’s national anthem, suffers from poaching and habitat loss.

Source: Diario.Elmundo

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